Our story starts rather unassuming when this girl from Allentown, PA drove across the country to set up a new life in Seattle, WA.  It was there that she met a new friend named Sean Allen.
Fitting last name, she thought.
So she married him.

Becoming an Allen

Just the two of us didn’t last too long though.  To our amazement the 2 quickly turned into 8: a firefighting dad, a homemaking mom, and 6,000 children…I mean, 6.  

The Allen Army

I think Adele sings a song about having 6 kids in 7 years:  Rolling in the Deep. 

As for the top 3 questions: No, we are not Mormon, we’re not Catholic, and no twins!

Maybe like your life, our days are surrounded by sippie cups, pull-ups, cleanups, dress ups, middle of the night wake-ups, some regretful “shut ups”, moments of “I give up”, and yet still wanting to use this one life. . . to live it up.

I think when people ask us, “How do you do it?”,
what they are really asking is, “Why do you do it?”
And that my friend, is probably the question that haunts me the most.   Why do I do it?
Why do all this work, sacrifice so much energy, gain all those extra pounds, loose all those hours of sleep, feed so many mouths, spend countless hours training and teaching, and fight feeling lonely most of the time?

This brings me to the million dollar question:
Does being a mom to these children really even matter?
It plagues me on my worst days when I am in the trenches and the cost of motherhood screams louder than the blessings.

I used to silently tell God, “You picked the wrong woman for this job.”   My husband even joked with me one time after another positive pregnancy test by saying, “And you didn’t even want to be a mother!”  Oh the irony.  It’s down right comical actually.  Well, now it is.  I didn’t always think so.  Here I am a daughter, raised by my single Dad, now living a life where I’m a stay at home mom with six children.  Please tell me someone is laughing here.  

So what do you do when there seemingly is no blueprint to the life that lays before you now?
I asked God to show me His blueprint.

And slowly I started to see that I was actually made for this:
for life to grow inside of me,
for lives to be molded by me,
for my very presence to instill confidence and security in the little hearts around me,
for my children to have a flesh and blood example of what a life laid down looks like.  

Our hope is that the stories you read on lilygirl strengthen you.
May they 
motivate your hands to keep doing all that they are.
And may the Truth help to make a way in your own life where there seemingly is no way.

Because if we can do it . . . you can do it.
~ Welcome to lilygirl ~


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6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Janet says:

    What a great way to start my week. Laughing and crying at the same time.

  2. miriam says:

    Hey, Miriam here from the etsy shop! Very well written and great read!!! I can relate to the one bathroom and so many other things!

  3. Shannon says:

    I found your blog yesterday and after swearing off blogs for years, I just subscribed. As a mom of five kids five and under in a 1500 square foot house I’m humbled at how you’ve beat me on both fronts, but I’m encouraged and inspired all the same!

    • Rona says:

      Hi Shannon ~ so nice to meet you! And how similar our lives are from the sound of it 🙂 I’m encouraged to know that there are other crazy people out there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to read it. I know how busy you are 🙂 Bless you in all that you are doing! ~ Rona

  4. Linda Whitaker says:

    Very well-written, Rona. (You must have had some amazing teachers in East Penn…hee hee) I think you and Sean are doing an awesome job!

    • Rona says:

      Thank you, Mrs. Whitaker, that means alot to me coming from you. Thank you for being such a loving and supportive voice and presence during my elementary school years. It mattered and made a difference to this little girl! Love, Rona

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