With the amount of middle of the night guests we seem to acquire in our bed on any given night, there is the potential for lots of accidents from kid’s peeing, spilling their bottles, throwing up, you name it.  And all of this at 2am.  That’s the prearranged time that your mattress gets baptized with bodily fluids, just in case you were wondering.   And we don’t have pets, but I’m sure they only add to the random accidents.   Any pet owners want to chime in on that?

All to say, having a mattress pad protector that works is a no brainer.  It’s like a diaper, a very big diaper for your mattress.  And just as important as one.  Unless of course, you enjoy the long lasting smell of old urine while you sleep or could care less about your mattress becoming a soggy mess.

But I care about my mattress.  I really care.  Here is why.

8 months ago, I had this great idea: Sean and I should give up our bedroom, turn it into a second kid’s bedroom, and use our Ikea futon couch as our bed out in the living room.

This is your brain on drugs.  Or at least your brain when it’s on it’s 6th pregnancy.

That’s right, I was 7 months pregnant with Lexie, and I had convinced myself that this was a great idea and a way better use of our space for our 2 bedroom house.  Sean was game.   He said he could sleep anywhere, but was not so convinced that I could.  But I was sure.


So we happily gave away our King mattress set to some newlywed friends of ours, and we moved into the living room.  Sofa city, sweetheart.  Guess how long I lasted?  All of 2 days.   I hated sleeping in the living room, along with being on a futon that I never realized was so uncomfortable.  The minor formality of being 7 months pregnant with a large belly wasn’t helping matters either.

So chalk it up.  Bad idea.  I’m sure you saw this already.

The good news (hear the sarcasm) was that our perfectly good king mattress set had already found a new home.  And there was no way we were going to ask for it back.   Thankfully, we have amazing neighbors who just so happened to have a spare mattress that we could use until we figured out what in the world we were doing.  So back in our bedroom again, we slept on a double mattress on the floor.  For 2 months.  And let me tell you, that was a long 2 months.  Every time I went to bed (i.e., picture a large pregnant person dropping to the floor and rolling onto a mattress), I was reminded of my “brilliant idea” and the depression started to set in.  Now to my husband’s credit, he pushed to go and buy us a new king mattress set, we even went shopping for one at the store.  Even though it was my “hair brained idea” that got us into this mess, he felt bad that I was so pregnant and so uncomfortable.  But every time we came close to pulling the trigger, we just couldn’t do it.  Something about dropping $2,000 will do that.  It seemed so counterintuitive when we had given our previous bed away for free.  So we kept on sleeping.

Then a suddenly happened.  Do you know of these?   Just when you think things are going to go completely pitch black, suddenly things change.  And you find yourself way better off than when you first started.  Upgrade!

After 2 months, out of the blue, Sean had a strong feeling to look on craigslist for a king mattress set.  Now for Sean to do this, is crazy.  We have bought things on Craigslist before, but things with upholstery he always steers clear of.  He finds a bed set within seconds and calls on it.  The lady on the phone says, “Hurry over!  We move tomorrow and this bed set won’t fit on the moving truck so we want to get rid of it. I promise you, you are getting the best deal in all of Seattle tonight if you come and buy this bed!” He had a hunch that she wasn’t just blowing smoke, so he borrowed our neighbors truck right then and off he drove at 8 pm at night.   And I’m just praying to God this thing is legit.  You know when you’re expectations are low, and you’re thinking, “I’d settle for anything right about now.”  

The address led Sean to Madison Park (one of the more ritzy Seattle neighborhoods, for any of you out of towners).  Sure enough the house was filled with packed up moving boxes, immaculately done and organized. “Wow, you have been busy! Did you do all of this packing yourself?”, Sean asked. “Oh hell no. The movers did it all.”,  she replied with wine glass in hand.  Turns out their house just sold for $1.7 million and this is Nancy’s 15th move to another new home.   She led him to their guest bedroom where our bed-to-be had been conveniently tucked away for a year, unused by any house guests.

Sean arrived home with a huge smile on his face.  “Are you ready for this?”, he said to me.   We unloaded the whole set and a beautiful mahogany headboard that also didn’t fit on Nancy’s moving truck.  Then I caught eye of the branding on the mattress.  In total disbelief I said, “Vera Wang makes mattresses?”


Turns out we were the new owners of a brand new Vera Wang by Serta King bed set.  I guess in her off time from making dresses, Vera tried her hand at mattresses too.  You know we had to google it, which led us to find that the darn thing is sold at Neiman Marcus of all places.  “Where should we go to buy a new mattress, hunny?  Sleep Country or Neiman Marcus?”, as if that question would ever cross my mind.  The mattress set and the headboard were valued at $4,000, and yet we somehow walked away with them for $450.  That’s my kind of upgrade.  While this pregnant mama slept on a double mattress on the floor, shaking her head at her “brilliant idea” to give up her bedroom, He had an upgrade waiting in the wings.  


And what became of that double mattress?  Our neighbors didn’t want it back, so we stored it for the time being in our garage.  Ready for this? There was a young man who was working across the street on a building project and we became friends with him over the previous months.  We had listened to his stories of growing up in Mexico where his early years were far from functional.  Now he lived with his cousin nearby, where he slept in a sleeping bag on the floor.  You can see where this is going.  An upgrade had been ordered for him too.  As I went to bed that night feeling so grateful that I didn’t have to stop, drop, and roll to get into bed anymore, this thought occurred to me. What if God allowed me to give away my bed set, move into the living room, receive my neighbor’s giveaway mattress, and be uncomfortable for a short time, all so that someone else could have an upgrade too?  The newlyweds, our builder friend, and us.  Hindsight is a crazy thing.  It’s easy to say on this side of the upgrade, that it was all worth it.  But during the whole ordeal, I wasn’t seeing it.

But the upgrades had already been ordered up and were just waiting for their delivery time, waiting for Nancy’s husband to get that job relocation and for their moving trucks to come.   Imagine what things you are not seeing right now?  

And ALL of this just to tell you about a mattress pad protector.  I took you on the scenic route!  But now you can understand why I love the protector I bought since you know what it’s protecting.  I told you I care about my mattress!

My pick: Sherpa Reversible All-Season Mattress Pad

It was completely a haphazardly find.  I had no time to do any research since this was all a suddenly.  The only place still open when Sean came home with our new bed was Fred Meyer.  I frantically scoured every mattress pad protector there, reading labels, fine print, and sticking my hand in the zipped packages to feel just how comfortable, or uncomfortable, they were.  The protector needed to have 2 key components: 1) It had to be waterproof and 2) it had to not feel like a vinyl diaper.  The packaging stated that the reversible protector had a waterproof side and it felt stinking soft to the touch, so my research was completed.

Then came the real testing in the weeks to come.  Child # 4 contributed to the pee test (you guessed it, at 2 am), so when I stripped the sheets and mattress pad protector the next morning, I held my breath as I felt the mattress.  Vera was totally dry.   Nice job Sherpa, nice job.  When child # 3 left her uncapped markers on our sheets for the entire day,  no amount of ink bled through to the mattress.  Another score for Sherpa.  When this tired mama spilled half her coffee in bed one morning, Vera didn’t get to taste a drop.  I swear by this Sherpa now.  So it passed the waterproof test with flying colors, and as for the second component, this is no vinyl diaper, that’s for sure!  Not that Vera needed any help, but this mattress protector is so unbelievably comfortable that it’s as if Vera is on steroids now.

Sherpa mattress pad protector

They sell for $45 to $80 on amazon, depending on the size.  I found ours at Fred Meyer, and I’m sure you could find it at a ton of other stores after googling it.

Anyone waiting for an upgrade in your own life?  Comment below with a few deatils and I would love to pray for them!

From the Ikea futon in the living room to Vera Wang in the bedroom, here’s to the upgrades waiting in the wings for you ~ Cheers!

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4 Responses to How I Found The Best Mattress Pad Protector

  1. Rebecca Lohman says:

    Wow that is an awesome testimony of blessing. You guys are amazing and so is God 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    Love this post – and your family!

  3. Robin says:

    Rona- this is an amazing story – thoroughly enjoyed reading it – thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Eilis says:

    I read this when you first posted it, but had to read it again because it’s just so good. Awesome writing, Rona! And a message you don’t hear often these days.

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