When it comes to little hands that have the motor skills of a jack hammer in constant motion, the desire to put wet nail polish on them becomes, well, a joke.  Yet, my girls ask me to paint their nails, or better yet, they ask me if they can paint their nails.  An even bigger joke.

Sure hunny, just remember that it’s nail polish, not paint-the-bench-you-are-sitting-on polish.  Oh and can you try to actually let them dry before you proceed to change your outfit for the 4th time today?  

It’s the hot pink nail polish that now adorns her shirt that I care about, less you think I cared about her smudging her nails.  Sanity over vanity, folks.

If you haven’t figured out by now, my days spent with our six little ones is all about figuring out how I can do an activity and create the smallest amount of mess for me to clean up.  For example, spending time getting dried nail polish out of clothing with scraping tools and rubbing alcohol, or googling how to remove nail polish from our red benches in the kitchen in a way that doesn’t strip off the red paint.  All this time could have been spent on something else, or someone else, like with the children.   Now there’s a concept: not cleaning up, but spending time with my kids.   Brilliant.

But then I discovered the sliced bread of nail polish.  It’s like the dust buster of vacuums, where I actually like cleaning up messes because of the ease of that little hand held device, rather than lugging out the big old vacuum cleaner.  So that’s another tip: Get a dustbuster.  You will use it everyday if you are lucky.  Not to clean up nail polish, but a ton of other messes.  But I digress as usual.

Back to little fingers getting painted.

Little Miss Sunshine fingers

Do you want to know an easier way to get these little sausages shining with yellow paint?  Notice I said easier, not easy.  A kid activity with 6 little ones that equals easy?  Not in my cards.

Nail polish tip when it comes to young girls:  Use Quick drying nail polish that takes only 60 seconds to dry.

Here’s the lineup of usual suspects that now comes out when it’s nail time around our house:

Done in 60 seconds

All of these can be found at your local drugstore or grocery store.  I found all of these at Bartells for like $2, except the last bottle is made by Avon (from eons ago) and I have no idea how much I paid for it.

As for actual kid nail polish, don’t be fooled.  If your daughter can sit like a statue for 5 to 7 minutes straight, then you can disregard my opinion.

Don't be lured in by the pretty faces!  They take too long (in childland) to dry.

Don’t be lured in by the pretty faces! They take too long (in childland) to dry.

Do yourself a favor and skip over the princess nail polish or other kid brand nail polish that is offered out there.  They take way too long to dry.  And yes, I understand that there are chemicals involved in adult nail polish, that might not be found in some kid nail polish.  But I guess I am just not that kind of mom.  If one of you mom’s created a fast drying chemical free nail polish, then I’d buy it!  So keep me posted on those inventions.  I know at least one of you is racking their brain with an idea of how it could be done.  But until then, I will happily concede to the speed dry lineup first pictured above.

And my Lily girl will keep them lined up as seen below.  The backyard lineup for a pedi

The customers are putting in their color requests, as those little toes and fingers wait their turn for Lily to paint them.  Lily loves it.  She’s worked me right out of a job, which means this mom has a free minute to actually paint her nails with the quick drying goods also.

Here’s to mess-free fingernail painting in your future too!


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3 Responses to An Easier Way To Enjoy Fingernail Painting With Young Girls

  1. Soooo good! “Sanity over vanity” “create the smallest amount of mess”. I can absolutely relate! 🙂 My girls use “Piggy Paint”, and it dries pretty fast too. It’s amazing the amount of nail polish they can glop on in a short amount of time!

  2. Rona says:

    I’ll have to try that “piggy paint”…never heard of it. Thanks! And yes, it’s like their whole hand is gobbled with it. Glad it costs only $2 a bottle!

  3. Molly says:

    hahaha, I loveeeee your blog posts. The best.

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