You could also call these chocolate crack.  But if you’re not ready to have the “Hugs, Not Drugs” conversation yet with your kids, you can simply call them Nutella Cups.  Rated G.

These are insanely easy to make.  Kid’s can help!  No baking needed.  Healthier than the store bought Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  And chances are, you have all three items needed to make them.  Oh wait, four things, if you count the freezer.

You will need:
~ Nutella
~ Your choice of nut butter: Peanut butter, Almond butter, Cashew Butter, Sunflower Seed Butter
~ Cupcake liners

We live 5 minutes from Costco where they sell the chocolate crack in 2 packs.  Lucky me.


My husband had gone to Costco the other day to buy a portable heater and air purifier for our home, and also came home with egg nog and croissants.  I love it when he goes shopping.  There is a rule that if you don’t buy the food items, then they have zero fat content.   Maybe you didn’t know that.  I bet you’re glad you’re reading this now, right?  So we did this to our croissants the other morning.

IMG_7514You guessed it.  We call it chocolate croissant crack.  Kids, this is what heaven tastes like.

Back to the Nutella Cups though.  Grab your helpers and here we go:
1 )  Have kids set out cupcake liners on a plate.

2)  Take your nut butter of choice and have the kid’s drop a spoonful into the middle of each liner.  I wanted to do a taste test of all the ones I had in the cupboard.  Do you want to guess which one tasted the best?

3) Melt the nutella in the microwave for 1 minute in order to make it easier to spread.  Then take a spoonful of Nutella and cover the nut butter completely by spreading the Nutella over it with the back of the spoon.  Layer on as much or as little Nutella as you want.

4) Put them in the freezer for a good 2-3 hours.  I pulled them out after 45 minutes and dove right into them.  They were still really oozy though, so I pretty much licked them right out of the liner.  If you want them to be hard, then you’ll need to wait the 3 hours.  Lame-o, I know.

5) Unwrap the Nutella cups OR you could trim back the excess wrapper if you want to present them with their pretty liners on.




Hindsight Tip: If you don’t like having the nut butter show through on the bottom of the Nutella Cups, then spread a very thin layer of melted Nutella on the cupcake liner first, before adding the spoonful of nut butter.


Call the kids to the table and get the napkins ready because this stuff will leave a mark all over their smiling faces and sticky fingers.   As for the taste test conclusion?  That’s a no brainer folks.  Everything covered in Nutella tastes great.
Hey kids, how about Nutella broccoli cups for dinner tonight?

How do you eat Nutella?


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2 Responses to Nutella Cups ~ An Easy, No Bake, Kid Friendly Snack

  1. With a spoon! Although today we all had nutella on croissants for breakfast. And what they didn’t finish I had for an afternoon snack. 🙂

    • Rona says:

      Sean came home from Costco AGAIN with more croissants yesterday. And so there was a repeat performance of chocolate croissant crack this morning 🙂

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