Their names, colored in a heart, strung across for all to see.
I am in the heart of someone, says the look on their little happy faces.
And chomping on chocolate heart pretzels for breakfast helps too.

V Day 1

Those are hearts our hands are making, by the way.  I was following Lily’s lead there.  I looked over at her hands right before Sean snapped the picture.  It was like she was putting a cherry on top of the moment.  Her little touches do that.

“I made this for you, Mom.”  This time her heart comes to me on paper.  I stop drying the dishes and kneel down beside her to read her card.

v day 6

But it’s her seven little words that pack a big punch.

It is good to have a mom.

And now my heart is on it’s knees.

“Happy tears, right Mom?”  I nod my head yes, and tell her that it is good to have a daughter.

It’s Sunday.  And the snow flurries seem to still be deciding whether they are going to make a real showing.  But the few that fall every so often are enough to catch my eye.  
Like a cherry on our day together. 

Hope you enjoy the little things about your day today.  For even if you don’t see your name on heart paper, strung across for all to see, know that you are in His heart for Him to see. 

Happy Valentine’s Day ~


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2 Responses to My Simple Valentine

  1. Debra allen says:

    That was so very special Rona-I had tears myself-a Mother and daughter bond is hard to brake and you are such a great Mom to kneel down and take that time to listen and praise your little girl-she will always remember that-believe that-Love you-thanks for sharing!

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